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Environmental work by Kim’s Chocolates honoured
20. Nov 2008.

Environmental work by Kim’s Chocolates honoured

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20. Nov 2008.
Environmental work by Kim’s Chocolates honoured

This well-deserved reward reflects the environmental focus given during the construction of the Kim’s Chocolate site in Tienen. Exceptional measures were taken in order to ensure the infrastructure respected the environment. No less than 4 million euros were invested to reduce the ecological footprint of the building as much as possible.

The senior management of Kim’s Chocolates N.V. confirmed that the structure had its own treatment plant that used the bio-fermentation method.

Other environmental points of note include:

  • The roof of the building is fitted with 2,982 photovoltaic panels. This represents an annual production of 650,000kWp per year, i.e. 20% of the building’s total energy requirements.
  • The roof of this new factory has been painted completely white to reflect light and avoid unnecessary heating.
  • Air renewal and air conditioning uses new technologies including reversible systems.
  • A “chiller” makes it possible to transform more efficiently electric energy into thermal energy.
  • The number of bulbs has been precisely calculated, along with the positioning and colour of the walls to ensure energy efficiency.
  • Using sensor detection systems and automation allows perfect light management turning lights on and off automatically.

All these innovations make the Kim’s Chocolates building unique in Belgium.

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