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UNITAR SDG Pioneer Award!
20. Nov 2020.

UNITAR SDG Pioneer Award!

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20. Nov 2020.
UNITAR SDG Pioneer Award!

UNITAR - but who is UNITAR?

Unitar stands for "United Nations Institute for Training and Research".

Unitar was founded in 1963 with the aim of improving the functioning of the UN through appropriate training and research. Every year, they organize around 500 activities around the world to support individuals, governments and organizations through knowledge and training to effectively tackle global problems.

CIFAL - Who is CIFAL? CIFAL Flanders stands for "Flanders International Training Center for Authorities and Leaders".

This knowledge and expertise center is part of UNITAR and offers training, project development and coaching to governments and organizations on the sustainability goals of the UN.

The SDGs, which in English stands for “the Sustainable Development Goals”. These United Nations SDGs are gradually becoming known to many people and companies around the world.

People (People)

Planet (Planet)

Collaboration (Partnerships)


Peace (Peace)

They were launched in 2015 and signed by 193 United Nations member states as a new 2015-2030 sustainability agenda! 

Intention? Making the world more sustainable economically, socially and ecologically without excluding anyone.

On the website SDG.be you will find a nice video that makes a few things clear:

Click on the link below to watch the video.


Anyway, back to our brand new UNITAR certificate! So why is that so important?

Every company that is truly committed to “this future”, as briefly outlined above, wants and must absolutely take the map of these 17 SDGs because this is the only and correct path that we, as a human being but also as a company, like Kim's Chocolates, must walk!

It is also a fact that “the consumer”, ie all of us, is becoming more and more aware of this and that he / she takes a critical look at where everything he / she consumes comes from and how it is made. That's a good thing, because we only have one blue planet and we must all cherish it for the future!

This new Unitar certificate is proof that Kim's Chocolates has absolutely chosen the SDGs and is therefore really working on the right things by taking all these 5 Ps into account as much as possible. 

These SDGs are our compass, they help us to stay on the right track! 


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