Cachet Costa Rica given 4 Stars by Finnish panel

Cachet Costa Rica given 4 Stars by Finnish panel

Supermarkets and specialist shops in Finland offer more than 50 different kinds of dark chocolate tablets. To pick out the best of the twenty that are 65-75% cocoa, today’s panel of top chefs and journalists held a blind tasting. The chefs and gourmands gave each variety a rating of 1-5 stars.

The Costa Rica tablet from the Origin collection of Cachet by Kim’s Chocolate was in competition with several big brands including Valrhona, Lindt, Coté D'Or, Anthon Berg, Leonidas and others. It gained 4 stars, sharing the first place with tablet from Valrhona and Anthon Berg.

  • Cachet Costa Rica Dark Chocolate, 71%****
  • Valrhona Caraïbe, 66% ****
  • Anthon Berg Rich Dark, 72%****
  • Lindt Excellence Dark, 70%***
  • Valrhona Guanaja, 70%***
  • Karl Fazer Exclusive Thin Dark, 70%***
  • Green & Black's Organic Dark Chocolate, 70%***
  • Vivani Feine Bitter, 72%***
  • Stockmann Gourmet Tumma suklaa, 70%**
  • Côte D'Or Sensations Noir Intense, 70%**
  • Valor Dark Chocolate, 70%**
  • Marabou Premium, 70%*
  • Leonidas Dark, 70%*

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