Kims Chocolates launches Cachet organic range of tablets

Kim's Chocolates launches Cachet organic range of tablets

With the new Cachet organic Belgian chocolate collection, you can enjoy the unique flavor of Tanzanian cocoa and, at the same time, help the educational needs of the children in the Kyela, Busokelo and Rungwe districts of Mbeya, Tanzania where Kim's Chocolates is active with it's "Cocoa for Schools" project.

Cocoa has a long history in Tanzania. The cocoa tree was first introduced to the country in the 1880s. Cocoa beans are predominantly a classic Trinitario (Amelonado x Criollo), with the slight presence of Neo-Nacional!

Farmers in Tanzania have been practicing organic farming by default for generations - the lack of availability of inorganic inputs for cocoa has meant that the trees have been grown without any pesticides, inorganic fertilizers, or other chemicals. Tanzania Dark and Extra Dark chocolate have a distinctive bitter cocoa flavor. It is enriched with a varied assortment of aromas, a subtle aftertaste, and a strong suggestion of fruitiness combined with herbal and floral notes. Tanzania Milk chocolate has a deliciously creamy texture.

Look and feel of the collection was inspired by amazing Tanzanian nature and culture.

If you are interested in this amazing range contact us now!

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