In order to reduce the environmental footprint of the building as much as possible, Kim’s Chocolates has introduced several measures to make it arguably the “greenest” chocolate factory in Europe. The company has invested approximately €4 million in environmentally friendly techniques:

  • All building materials are 100% recyclable.
  • Our 4000 solar panels provide between 15 and 20% of our energy needs (± 725.000kWh/yr).
  • All other electricity comes from 100% renewable sources: hydro, solar and wind energy.
  • A white roof slows down the warming-up of the building.
  • The building uses the latest technology for air-conditioning and ventilation.
  • The facility has a chiller, based on ammonia, to convert thermal energy.
  • An up-to-date lighting system has automatic controls wherever possible.
  • A water treatment installation, based on bio-fermentation, is a new technique for smaller food industries, developed with support from the Flemish government. ±90% of the nutrients are removed from wastewater and end up as fertiliser for agriculture.

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